Virtualization Assessment and Planning

As part of the Virtualization services, GMC will determine during the assessment whether virtualization would work in your environment. It is an interactive session with key members of your organization, which helps us gain insight about your IT infrastructure, to evaluate IT operations readiness for Virtualization adoption.

During this phase we analyze your current environment as well as your business and technical objectives to determine if and where it may make sense to leverage virtualization. As part of this analyses and assessment phase, GMC will collect and assess data on IT environment assets and utilization, review IT portfolio for target virtualization candidates for current and planned IT projects to determine if it is impacted by Virtualization. Develop a TCO comparison, such as Infrastructure costs for servers, storage, networking, power/cooling, Operations costs for provisioning and administration and Investment costs for software licensing, design, plan, deployment and management.


Virtualization Design and Implementation

Virtualization has moved to small businesses and it is not more meant just for large enterprise organizations. SMBs are benefiting with the cost effectiveness, easier backups, energy conservation and redeployment of failed machines. It is here GMC can step with our design and implementation skills to deploy best virtualization solutions for your business. We have partnered with industry leaders to offer the best services. Our design and implementation services can simplify your capital expenses related to IT resources. We can help manage your IT cost effectively.

Implementation is a crucial part of virtualization. During the implementation phase we build and configure your virtual environment. We do not stop with design and configuration but go a step further and secure the virtual environment of our clients. In this effort we create complex passwords, create groups, add group administrators and administer virtualization environments. During the process we ensure pitfalls are prevented.

We monitor the memory closely facilitating addition of more virtual machines. Similarly it is important to estimate the storage and how much will be utilized by the virtual environment. Remember centralized storage can take up more space than anticipated. Organizations cannot afford training their administrators and updating documentations on a regular basis. Our team of subject matter experts undergoes continuous training and is skilled to understand any physical environment and offer viable design and implementation services.

Reference sites such : Honda Automobile (Sales), Cherry Serina (Automotive), Tisco Bank, I-Direct Broker  etc.


Virtual Infrastructure Health Check

This service engagement from a Certified professional will work with your team to understand your virtual environment and provide guidance and concrete actionable recommendations on the current best practices for configuring, optimizing and managing the Virtual infrastructure.


Virtualization Manpower Outsourcing

Are you having a hard-time finding or retaining that Virtualization resource, contact GMC, because of our in-depth knowledge of the industry and years of contacts and with our experience, we can help you find that right person for full-time placement of staff augmentation.


Server Consolidation

Server Virtualization is something to truly get excited about as an owner or individual responsible for your IT investment.  Start consolidating your multiple servers into ONE physical server.  This saves you electricity, cooling costs, and most importantly, hardware costs.  We can use VMware vSphere to start consolidating your old servers into one powerful new server.  Total cost of ownership plummets, hardware costs go down, reliability and scalability go up, and now you know you’re on top of your IT game.


Datacenter Optimization

The success of virtualization environment depends on the effectiveness of monitoring and management tools helping maximum optimization of IT resources. Virtualization infrastructures monitoring and reporting tools comes in variable capacities. We at Veeras use the right tools to eliminate false positives and enhance troubleshooting performance. There are many monitoring tools available in the market but no one size fits all. Our engineers analyze the IT environment to offer appropriate tools that suits your business.

The dynamic virtual infrastructures have to be monitored for best performance. We do not monitor virtual environment as just another infrastructure but thoroughly analyzes performance from the business context. Our engineers can identify the issues and rectify them quickly without hampering end user experience. Through our able and skilled monitoring services we can optimize output guaranteeing user satisfaction. We engage proactively in resolving problems and ensuring business continuity.

Our reporting offers high level of performance overviews. IT administrators are offered a comprehensive report helping in problem diagnosis. The monitoring tools offers support to virtual server optimization to overview reports and determine the need for future investments. Historical reports also can come handy in assessing the pre and post migration scenes. Reporting helps in comparing workloads in both physical servers and virtual machines.